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About Hunting For Vets

Who are we exactly?

Hunting for Vets's core goal is to help people in the veterinary industry connect, whether you are job hunting, looking for new employees or a locum, or even to make contact with colleagues you have lost contact with. We want to provide practices with insightful information about applicants from online profiles and user endorsements.

Our solution began when Brendan,a veterinary surgeon, who has been working in permanent and locum positions for 14 years and could see the difficulties veterinary staff faced when applying for jobs in the industry. He decided to create a platform which offers a solution for vets, nurses and practices. He joined with three other professionals with other industry experiences and Hunting for Vets was formed.

We wanted to make a website that’s fun and easy to use. We strive to develop long-term relationships with individuals and companies, learning and never assuming every step of the way. We hope you find the site useful.

We really hope you like it!

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