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Success in Nursing Sick Rabbits

Event Category: Modular / Lecture Courses
Event Description

A days lectures for Veterinary Nurses covering all aspects of nursing rabbits. Background information about some aspects of rabbit physiology will be given followed by descriptions of common diseases such as dental disease and jaw abscesses. Clinical procedures that are carried out by nurses will be described as well as a lecture on rabbit anaesthesia and analgesia. The day will finish with some information about diets for healthy and sick rabbits that nurses can give to owners.
The lectures will be given by Frances Harcourt-Brown and there will also be an RVN present to help answer questions.


Frances Harcourt-Brown BVSc FRCVS RCVS Recognised Specialist in Rabbit Medicine and Surgery

Hollins Lane
North Yorkshire
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14 Feb 2015

14 Jan 2015


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Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall

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Frances Harcourt-Brown

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Frances Harcourt-Brown

07783 689773

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